Thursday, October 05, 2006

Surprise Endings

  1. Tell us about a book that you had to read, but didn't want to, but that you ended up liking. Something for school, perhaps? A book from your Mom for Christmas that she insisted on you reading? Something from a bookclub? But ultimately, a book that--against all expectation--you ended up liking, respecting, loving....
  2. And, of course, why? What made this book resonate with you?

If you want, highlight the stuff in the box, then copy it to your blog.


meowminx said...

First time playing it, and it's posted on my site :)

Cat. said...

My answers are up in the usual place.

Have a great day!

Jacquie said...

I have been playing for a while but never commented here before.

My answers are in my left sidebar at

Laura said...

Ha! I'm only a day late this time! It's probably because Deb was the one asking again this week. LOL

You'll find my post here.