Thursday, July 07, 2005

Coffee table books

My own personal definition of a coffee table book is a book that is large, over-sized, has lots of pictures, is about a specific theme (e.g., Georgia O'Keeffe's 100 Flowers, steeple chasing, Disney Animation, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.) and generally speaking not something that most people would sit down and read in an afternoon. Coffee table books are often displayed singly or in piles for the benefit of guests to peruse, to stimulate conversation, because they look good, or whatever.
  1. Do you have any coffee table books?
  2. Do you have one or two, or would you say you have a collection of them?
  3. Do you keep them on your coffee table? If not, where?
  4. What are they about?
  5. Have you read them? All of them? None? Why?

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